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March 01, 2016

"Your nails are jewels not tools.”


-File your nails in one direction only;

-Moisturize your nails and hands with a good hand cream daily;

-Take care your cuticle, use cuticle oil;

-Exfoliate weekly;

-Get a paraffin treatment;

-Use a pair of gloves when cleaning your home, or gardening;

Choix de vernis - Nail polish choices

March 01, 2016

Product used:

-CND Shellac;

-Vinylux Colors;

-OPI; -Essie; 

-Sparitual; -Orly;


-Sechevite topcoat

Pédicure Shellac

March 01, 2016

-Use a warm soak;

-Nails trim and file;

-Cuticle care;

-Foot file / Callus work;

-Shellac (gel) nail polish application;

-Exfoliation; Moisturizing foot cream;


The very best things about a Shellac pedicure is once the gel has cured, you never have to worry about smudging your toes when putting on your shoes anymore!

Produits Gehwol products

March 01, 2016

Produits Gehwol Products

Pour tout ce dont vos mains et vos pieds ont besoin!

For all your hands and feet needs!

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